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In Real Estate Investment

First: Al Andalus Trading and Contracting. (K.S.C.).

Second: Founded in 1977 in Alexandria.

Third: Delta For Construction and Rebuilding (K.S.C.).
Founded in 1986 under Commercial Registration No. 1166 of 1986 of Alexandria and the amount of capital 198000000 pounds (one hundred and ninety-eight million pounds ).

Fourth: El wataneya Real Estate Development. (K.S.C).
Founded in 1990 under the Commercial Registry 81,445 for the year 1990 Giza and the amount of capital and the ability of 44000000 LE (Forty-Four million pounds of pounds).
Fifth: Sharm Dreams Co. for Tourism Investment
Founded in 1996 under Commercial Registration No. 108,903 for the year 1996 record trading capital Cairo and 1.9 million L.E. (one hundred and ninety million pounds )
Sixth: El wattaneya Real Estate and Tourism Development. (K.S.C.).
Founded in 2006 under Commercial Registration No. 2090 of 2006 record trading Cairo and the amount of capital and the ability of 5,000,000 L.E. (five million pounds)
Seventh: International Company for Urban Development and Tourism. (KSC).
Founded in 2006 under Commercial Registration No. 19437 of 2006 record trading Cairo and the amount of capital and the ability of 121 million LE (one hundred and one Twenty million pounds).
Eighth: El wataneya for Construction Company. (K.S.C. ).
Founded in 2007 under Commercial Registration No. 25,688 for the year 2007 record trading Cairo and the amount of capital and the ability of 30,000,000 LE (thirty million pounds).
Ninth: Landmark For Real Estate and Tourism Investment. (K.S.C.).
Founded in 2008 under Commercial Registration No. 30,412 for the year 2008 record trading capital Cairo and the ability 120000000 LE (one hundred and twenty million pounds)

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  • Sporting Tower (in front of Sporting Club).
  • Buildings of El Marmara (outside the park palace).
  • City of Andalusia - Battash - 550 housing units (Agami area).
  • City of Andalusia Bianchi directly on the sea 300 Chalet (Agami area).
  • City of Andalusia villages of Hannoville 500 housing units (Agami area).
  • City Wadi El Nakhil 600 Chalet (Agami area).
  • Tower Roshdy (Roushdy area - Alexandria).

Second: - projects have been implemented by the Al-Andalus and the Hijaz. (K.S.C.).

  • Faysal Bank city 83 Architecture Building 100 housing units with a total 8300 housing argument - other than administrative and commercial units (Sidi Bishr area).
  • Towers Al Ashraaf.
  • Set of Buildings Agamy owned for Housing and Reconstruction.
  • Group Dobat City Buildings Miami.
  • Industrial complex district Amiriya Press - Cairo Alexandria Desert Road.

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